Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports

Our professionals gauge the feasibility of the project on the technical and economic front for our esteemed clients. They asses every limitation vis-a-vis technology and the economic benefits it can provide our clients with in order to guide them in the right direction. The assessment or the analysis is primarily done on the basis of the industrial standards and organizational structure of the clients.

Basic and Detail Design in Pyro-processing System

The key step is “electrorefining,” which removes uranium, plutonium and the other actinides (highly radioactive elements with long half-lives) from the spent fuel, while keeping them mixed together so the plutonium cannot be used directly in weapons. Spent fuel from reactors that use metallic uranium fuel can go straight to the electrorefiner. Spent fuel from commercial reactors, which consists of uranium oxide, would first undergo an “oxide reduction” step to convert it to metallic form. Next, the uranium and other actinides are sent to the cathode processor to remove residual salts and cadmium from electrorefining. The actinides are cast into fresh fuel, while the salts and cadmium are recycled back into the electrorefiner.

Basic and Detail Design in Material Handling System

Material Handling Equipment traditionally consisted of trolleys, conveyors, forklifts, overhead travelling cranes etc. These were primarily devices of Mechanisation; a lot of manual intervention was involved. These had limitations like low speed, handling problems like scratches, chipping, breaking, difficulty to monitor material flow etc. However, they were adequate in mass production with limited variety or low volume production. Customers were tolerant of defects like scratches, dents etc. With transformation of manufacturing systems to be lean, agile and highly automated, things are changing. Increased competition increases variety of components (for product customisation ), reduces lot size, varies product mix continuously ( pull type manufacturing ).